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Our underwriters have the expertise to provide the proper coverage for your clients with the highest standard of customer service in the industry.

Unique Risks Ltd. will work with you to find a solution for your insured on many types of commercial property risks. With a focus on small business, reality risks such as vacant properties and rented dwellings. 

Capacity per risk has seen a need to increase capacity for Property schedules across Canada. Access to up to $5mil TIV in house, will allow for significant support on the types of risks we have listed above. Along with being able to get access to additional capacity to provide support on many mid-sized to larger accounts that brokers are now requiring support on.

Target classes:

  1. Realty 

  • Commercial / mixed occupancy

  • Vacant properties

  • Hard to place residential property

    • Short-term rental occupancies (Airbnb)

    • Unprotected properties

    • Rented dwellings (incl. Rooming & Student housing)

    • Vacant (incl. older homes)

    • Heritage or older rental properties

  1. Small retail / Wholesale operations 

  2. Office Pack  

  3. Hospitality 

  • ​Unlicensed Restaurants

  • Licensed Restaurants

  • Pubs, Bars, Nightclubs 

With this Property Facility, we will continue with the underwriting model that has proven successful in writing our Casualty business. 

Please click the link below, for new business or renewal, complete the form and mail to

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